Surrounded !

I had some free time recently so that I could adjust one or two things here ; you can now find the weather of Shanghai and a gallery (which will be progressively filled in).

I also changed a few things on Drupal, especially concerning the stylesheet. I am now going to set up a correct categorization of my posts to distinguish the website news, events and personal information.

That’s it for the geeky stuff. Actually, I have a pretty busy (and expensive) week in perspective as I must find a new flat and a new job and buy a bunch of new things ; first clothes since my disgust for shopping lead me to the point where I am dressed up like a 16 years old geek (which I am, some may say), and also a pair of new skates, and believe me it is not easy to find agressive inline skates in this country which yet produces most of them. I am also supposed to register to the Jiao Tong university for intensive chinese lessons. And despite all that I still have to work on my personal projects, send my art works to La Sorbonne in Paris (my art university) and… Maybe I should stop complaining now and begin to get rid of all this.