New design released !

Last few weeks I have been working on the new design, which interface was a bit aged.

A really interesting projects since it is already a wide community with a lot of content, gathering many different kind of platforms (Wiki, forum, tutorials…) and visited essentially by Firefox users (not really surprising since it is about the Mozilla platform).

We decided to fully use the -moz-border-radius property and PNG format and I must say I am pretty satisfied with the result. The logo had to be upgraded too, but I had to keep the color scheme and the global aspect. I was also asked to use the SVG format for this, so that I employed Inkscape which seems to be the only good software available for SVG editing. Last but not least, I managed to do this whole upgrade without asking any change in the XHTML layout.

Enough talking, taste it :

By the way I still have to do the same upgrade for the Planete website which is supposed to use the same design in a green version (damn, green, I always have a lot of problems with green based designs).

If you have an Open Source community/project and you are looking for help on the UI, website, logo, icons… contact me, I am always ready to thanks back the OSS movement which provides 99% of my work tools (the 1% left is my brain).